Ng Zangpo
Tuesday, January 30, 2001
Yesterday it looked threatening out, high wind heavy rain. In the morning it was almost warm, and thick with humidity. Today it is crisp and blue.

Monday, January 29, 2001
The windmills provided the power, along with the panels... Once, one of them seized, that was when there were only two, and everybody went up to fix it. It was fun-- juice for the workers, night with candles, and when it was fixed... we all cheered.

I read on CNN somewhere that Californians didn't want windmills scarring the beautiful view. It must have been something someone made up in chat, because I would like to have windmills near where I live. Better than some fucking nuclear power plant, or some asshole price fixing gas companies.

Friday, January 26, 2001
Sensible drug policy is more than needed.

"Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded." Abraham Lincoln

If republicans only had the sense of their founder...

Thursday, January 25, 2001
I am wasting time.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001
Don't worry, Jimmy. Mind's primordial expression, Clarity...

Saw some blogs that have titles like "Reality?" and "How can you fill something that is real(ly empty?)" I am glad to see that people are getting drifts about emptiness, but then the posts are about how she doesn't want to file her nails down for some sport because they look so good. Of course, anyone who gets a small glimpse of emptiness and impermanence is bound to go back and forth, and deal with the subsequent irony and vibrations. I wish them well.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001
It would be interesting to read an account, fictional or factual, of a scientist who is working on a genetic cure for aging. It seems that such a person would be bound by futility, plagued with frustration and probably personal problems. I wonder how it would work. Say you know the gene that causes aging. Do you mutate it first to have a permanent baby or extend the life cycle somehow for slow change? Or maybe get a job done when you're eighteen, fresh and juicy, to get a slow mutation flowing around to the new cells preventing further aging. Then get hit by a truck. That ain't genetic, labcoat. "It isn't a cure for death, just age, and the horrible ugliness of wrinkles and frailty." Vanity. Idiocy.

I sold the drum for the center. I lowered the price for this guy, and waited until he got his money together, and he is giving me emails demanding to know immediately when I ship the thing. "You should have got my money order by now..." I guess I'm a bad ebayer. The beautiful Nepalese rug is still available if anybody is interested...

Monday, January 22, 2001
Last night I watched Raging Bull, because I had never seen it, and it is widely renowned. I liked it, although i felt bad for everybody. I related to Jake very much when he was punching the wall in his prison cell.

At about eleven I got the baby to sleep and went to bed and the fucking cat upstairs woke her up. Baby is spoiled now already because she won't go to sleep unless all conditions are met, which is understandable somewhat. Then I thought about how many times the upstairs shit has woken up the baby and I threw the wife's shoes up there hard as hell. "Fucking Assholes!" Felt like an ass, I know better. It was a message worth conveying though. People should be considerate of their downstairs neighbors. Not good though to have incident relations with neighbors. A note is better. maybe a gentle comment...

The wife is sick. Puking and all that. I'm a big help making scenes.

Friday, January 19, 2001
Here's a cut up I did on a CNN story that somehow got through about how bought the inaugural is:

around transition Treasury: advisory about are "There are a variety of invitations by corporate, Lincoln Memorial is free and open to has long been -- brought Building Museum, and Union Station, which night ABA in their "Celebrating America's spirit together" is the theme of the celebration, yet campaign as community 10 at House, we have anti-trust suit, "vice-president and other big-league lawmakers," said Holly basis about have key business industry's message, that backed Bush and privately funded inauguration of also Morris, and most any banks in scale Bush about communicating his donor, and another for the unconnected team. But ABA President Don legislative matters before Congress and federal agencies. American Airlines, a $100,000 closed doors and much smaller Federal black-tie wants approval to buy of Congress. and its two inaugurals -- Bill Clinton's lavish 1993 for access. "Many the communications companies- corporate carpet. While the inaugural is about lauding is and dancing hosted underwriting at the to be by corporate of these 2000, excluding federal the black-tie candlelight (or agenda other to advance want to of cash

Bailey, a spokeswoman for the Center for Bush's as well press. "The opening for example is provided by reason of our sponsorship," Mengedoth said. its executive vice analyzed by the want, with reason contributions to parties -- many of them closed to to you On Friday of our officials have been inaugural balls, companies like General Motors Thursday night at three "candlelight dinners." Bush and This year, than the for the Bush of private Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank inaugural, a administration. The securities and investment industry tops the list of contributors to the inaugural, with Washington Hilton, the National invited a few other staff," he own parties to inaugurals. The one insider event celebration Thursday afternoon

campaigns and the now many the Responsive Politics, payback time for the powerful commercial interests

Lynch, list of celebrations cost major bankroller of presidential election said. parties that only a the United States big bang behind for more $25,000-a-table of lobbying 2000, according to figures provided ABA sponsorship we Mengedoth said the next four days will be more to the in the George W. Bush Republicans in leading American Bankers Association, which represents the largest 35 his backers can investment the public. But president, Don Ogilvie, is on the in going banks, is a $100,000 underwriter of and as Merrill have the house and chance to talk on a one-on-one dinner at the Washington Hilton and at the have purchased the best -- led beyond the principal events that are said Bailey. seats in more than $2 million have a table for funds, and affairs Election Commission, and interests is not unusual.

message out and what you Philip Republican National Committee and the a salute incoming members of the new from corporate giants like for organizational policy

White the tightest, most to partially closed to the public and covered in red

be able or anything giving parties down on the Mall," are throwing their public. "The real leading banks and brokerages invited to a private party, with dinner Morris, festivities, officials funded by big business. of America an independent and senior Republican the eight official crucial access to the new Republican administration. is already reform groups say the Bush bash the inaugural and During the four days of fully Trans-World President-elect Dick Cheney AT&T and Visa, they "We're not looking communication," Mengedoth said. expensive election in U.S. history. Bush raised a record donated. Lehman Bros. people affiliated with them) -- such $33 million, mostly $117 million for campaign few people know another -- Apart from than Responsive Politics.

Welcome companies by the has turned into the president and Cheney are scheduled to visit each $25,000. Of big tobacco's Philip member of the private inaugural access and their fun begins companies shelled out $100,000 the Republicans in to hobnob Airlines. The and getting your Bailey said. The price-tag of the and welcoming the Center for officials at a whirl top-line contributors like Microsoft, still embroiled in an America. For more than $30 million, inaugural giver, incoming administration, than plugging specific legislative items. "By dinners, balls and course Wall Street contributors will listed as with Bush, his Vice group. "In terms the public and Inaugural Committee at the Library top U.S. research will happen to your company it's priceless,"

Thursday, January 18, 2001
To think of raising children as a burden prevents seeing the life in it, affection for her mama and papa, love song all the way up.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001
The political world is completely insane. Ultra-Left, Ultra-Right, complacent centrists, Wilsonian Idealists, Christian-Right, Grey suits bowties, pinheads, buffoons, megalomaniacs....

CNN is a joke.

Major networks are jokes. The designation of names is child's play.

Divide Rob.

Thursday, January 11, 2001
I am brewing a study on dissonance and listener limitations.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001
Put it into a bottle, cork it sealed, wrap it in brocade, send it out to sea.

Giving and receiving may the same.

Monday, January 08, 2001
I am anxious to begin performing powerful activities.
Stuff like crushing, gnashing bloody, and stomping,
Especially stomping.

For instance, there is a thought controls lives with systems, language and images, and empty heads.
I'd like to kick it in the balls,
and twist them once, twice, again...
and slit the sac open so the pressure tears open
and they burst out in release
and I cut them onto the floor
Where minions stomp them to bits.
The body lays infertile, but I would finish it?

"Watch your step" is what I think about this.
For all I know the body is Us.
These evil nuts could be infused with a pervasive light glimmer,
I would be the one who...

Doubt so
For safety's sake:

Best to burn it
All in Great Fire
Stoke and stoke, stoke...