Ng Zangpo
Thursday, May 31, 2001
Utterly vincible. My rumbling tummy, this stapler, that lake...

Noticed UV to work this morning, view space the indestructible.

(De -) Struere: L. to pile up. The heaps straight.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001
There's two places where at a stoplight on the way to and from work, that the one-lane becomes two. After the light it returns to one. So, people will line up in the right lane just to get from behind your car or two or three, to be in front after the light turns green. Some days it will provoke me to floor it just to make their efforts less fruitful. If they pass me even before stopping at the light, I will sometimes swoop around them as I know the timing of the green. In motion, before they even look up. Only once, I was bitterly defeated by some little shipt in a Ford Excalibrissimo who nearly ran me into a ditch just to preserve the pass he had so tactfully made. I gunned and threatened him the whole way up the street, and he needed to make a left turn so he stopped very hard to try to make me crash him. I still harbour resentment to this very day. He parks on his apartment complex's beautiful lawn ringed with spider grass he smashes to get up in the yard. Probably his father's building.

Most times now, I just let them go.

Monday, May 28, 2001
I'm burning through this wonderful book, The Testament of Yves Gundron by Emily Barton. Part of the first chapter.

Today I will make a Belgian ale. "Liquid Bread" is how Belgian monks used to refer to beer. I love Belgian white beers, but I think this one is more of a typical ale with high alcohol content. We'll see. The lager still has me concerned as it only made 34 bottles when it should make 54. I did fill the bottles high and it did boil down a lot. Still has me concerned that it has too much of the ingredients in it. Supposedly, if there's too much malt and sugar for the yeast in the carbonation phase in the bottles, there will be too much pressure and the bottles will explode. Big sticky mess, dangerous too.

I saw little banana trees in parts of the quad. Whoever authorized that was a fool. While I like the idea of ripe bananas for students' and staff's breakfast, those things are messy as hell when winter comes, they attract mosquitos, and are hell to tear out of the ground once you decide to get rid of them. I'll look forward to the fruits though. I guess it'll be a couple of years.

Chainsaws just felled a tree, shook the building. The oaks require a good deal of maintenance. Moss and fungus has to be sprayed off, rotten limbs need to be removed, roots have to be packed over with chips, assholes walk all over them.

Friday, May 25, 2001
Celui qui nous aide.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Smells like summer now. Nice since the cold front came through. Today is the new moon.

Monday, May 14, 2001
An elongated egg, something like a nipple on top. Crack it open, and runny fluid drops out, less viscous than water. Felt a little sick. Bad egg.

Wednesday, May 09, 2001
We went to an orchid show last weekend. Some were beautiful, but I kind of question the price of some of them. They only bloom twice a year apparently. We bought some baby ones that will bloom in four years, if we can keep them alive that long. We got one really beautiful one in bloom. The petals are already shriveling up a bit, but it might push out another.

I want to speak with some physicists to see if their knowledge of reality affects their behavior and emotions, how they treat the world. There might be a gulf there. Do they leave these perspectives behind when they drive on the family vacation?

Wednesday, May 02, 2001
Last night I went to see Jazz Mandolin Project. They said that they now know that this is a great place to play. I kept thinking of 200 Motels, and the wierd Centerville sequence. They probably saw us like that. "A real nice place to raise your kids up."

Where does this bring us? I was in a wild state last night, partially because I am sick. Bringing everything to light, you could feel it. Climax climax climax... I'm played into death, the player is sweating and serious--getting it. You could hear the music click into place when they'd remember to play into each other's sound, like one instrument. Girls whose boyfriends were not around dance closer and closer to me, and their boyfriends show up to nudge me, with their chins down, and their necks pulled back, eyes half-lidded. Throw their arms around the horny boys, to be tease. Didn't notice I was married, and mostly had my eyes closed. Big double-bass sound with clean intervals humming overtones on the verge of being overamplified. High feedback out of the mandolin. All dissolves, bursts of light.

Tuesday, May 01, 2001
Well, one Lenin has been removed already, although the wife says it doesn't even look like Lenin anyway. A friend is creating a Socialist party in Louisiana. I think a truly Socialist economic system is still viable, especially if combined with true democracy. I don't think it will make it with the name Socialism though. Too much anit-authoritarian fear like what cropped up in my dream.

All the cut-up machines on the net are gone. I am trying to learn Perl so I can write one, but I can't even get the test perl script to run for some reason. The people I downloaded from won't even troubleshoot my problem because it is such a joke. There are a couple of machines still out there but they don't work very well compared to the old ones.

I feel wierd like I am becoming sick or like I didn't sleep for three days. Baby had 104 fever last night, that could be it.

The drives from New Orleans are always a wonderful experience. Perhaps it is because it always follows good practice.