Ng Zangpo
Monday, June 18, 2001
Watched Traffic and Requiem for a Dream this weekend. Two compelling drug-theme movies, yet both had quick semi-useless endings. Requiem for a Dream presented a more esoteric and plausible conclusion, even if a little questionable and dubious in regards to intent. Traffic's ending almost seemed ironic and sarcastic it was so perfectly black and white. If it was ironic, then how the hell is that more useful than say, a depressing option?

We were both shocked by the familiarity we felt in Requiem for a Dream's crazier parts. I remembered nights in my more desperate days, nighttime hallucinations from childhood, and recognized even present disturbances. The extended torturous sequence toward the end seemed like it was intended to be harsh on the viewer, but I found myself seeing liberation in it.